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Twenty-five years of IT experience and twenty-one years of software development experience includes E-Commerce and Web development, Java application development using WebLogic and iPlanet, Unix/C client server development, as well as MVS programming, on a variety of business IT systems.




Fannie Mae


Senior Software Developer

May, 2002 to Present


·         Lead Developer for the development of an ODS that consolidated data from over 30 upstream applications. Designed and developed the ETL processes to source this data into the ODS using Java, Perl and Ab Initio software.

·         Lead Developer for the creation of a variety of Transactional applications supporting Fannie Mae Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers and Financial Analysts. These applications were developed using J2EE and open source API’s including Servlets, JSP, JMS, EJB, Struts, Hibernate and Spring.

·         Lead Developer for the creation of a full-client Windows application developed using the .Net framework and the C# programming language. This application was distributed to and used by Fannie Mae lender customers and third-party Property Inspectors.

·         Key participant in the development of the Fannie Mae HCD target Architecture and the evaluation of open source technologies.




WebCritical Technologies


Application Architect

April, 2000 to April 2002


·         Led development teams for numerous e-commerce web development projects including a real-time bond trading application using iPlanet Enterprise Server, BEA WebLogic 5.1.0 and 6.1.0 and Oracle 8i on a Sun Solaris platform.

·         Designed the technical architecture for a variety of J2EE business applications.

·         Performed object oriented analysis and design using Rational Rose, UML and XP.

·         Designed and developed a series of Java Servlets and business objects for numerous enterprise applications.

·         Created a variety of Java batch programs in support of external interfaces for an e-commerce application.

·         Programmed using Java and the J2EE APIs, Perl, JavaScript, ASP and VBScript.



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812 Bow Lake Place Leesburg, VA 20176





Lead Developer

August, 1997 to April, 2000

·         Developed and implemented the Knowledge Management architecture strategy including capacity planning, development standards and metrics, and design techniques.

·         Designed and developed a variety of intranet and extranet software including ordering systems and a production control system using C++, Perl, Java and the J2EE APIs.


Project Leader

August, 1994 to July, 1997

·         Designed and developed a GUI-based object oriented ordering application that ultimately replaced numerous legacy ordering systems.

·         Designed and developed the Knowledge Management System (KMS), a large Intranet providing web hosting services, online work support, computer-based training, legacy application access and custom web application development for all of AT&T Business Markets Division (BMD).

·         Served as the Webmaster for a corporate intranet serving over 40,000 users (KMS). This entailed configuring and managing Netscape Enterprise and Apache servers, designing and developing a web publishing system, implementing myriad web development projects and performing production support.


Senior Developer

September, 1993 to August, 1994

·         Designed and developed a client-server ordering system between the Unix and MVS platforms. This consisted of primarily C programming, and some SAS programming.

·         Designed and developed a menu-based automation system to allow Unix users to perform a variety of tasks on IBM mainframe systems, such as submitting batch jobs, checking system status and creating custom reports.



October, 1990 to August, 1993

·         Provided technical support and IMS support for the System Test and OON Development Production Support groups. Responsible for creating systems to move and manage software between the Development and System Test environments.


Staff Supervisor

July, 1990 to October, 1990


·         Supervisor of the MTO group and responsible for the daily operation of over 75 IMS, CICS and DB2 regions.

·         Project Leader for the MTO portion of the Fairfax-Alpharetta Data Center Consolidation effort.







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812 Bow Lake Place Leesburg, VA 20176



AT&T cont.


Computer Technician

December, 1985 to July, 1990


·         Developed a series of OPS/MVS programs, which automate over 75 IMS, CICS and DB2 by the MTO group.

·         Created and maintained a series of CLISTs and Dialog Manager Panels used by the MTO group.

·         Wrote and maintained operating procedures for the MTO group and the Master Console.

·         Served as lead operator in the Master Console. Trained new operators in MTO and the Master Console.


Programming Languages:  Java, J2EE APIs, C#, C, C++, Perl, PHP, Unix Shell, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, SAS, REXX, CLIST, TSO Dialog Manager, COBOL


Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, SCO, BSD, AT&T SVR3, Windows NT, MVS, VM/CMS


System and Application Software: Oracle SQL*Plus, BEA WebLogic, iPlanet, Apache, Tomcat, CVS, ant, make, Ab Initio, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio,ClearCase, ClearQuest, Remedy, Tuxedo, Sablime, JES2, IMS, CICS, DB2, CA-7, CA-11, JCL, VTAM, TSO, Rational Rose, Visio, Microsoft Office, Forte, IBM Visual Age, Toad, DBVisualizer, MySQL, Junit, Hibernate, Spring, Groovy, Grails



·         Fannie Mae “Top Spot” award – 2004 and 2005

·         WebCritical MVP Award for outstanding achievement (April, 2001).

·         WebCritical Circle of Excellence Award  (October, 2000 and January, 2001).

·         AT&T Circle of Excellence award for outstanding achievement, (May, 1999).

·         3 AT&T STAR awards for outstanding contributions to the development team (August, 1995).

·         Silver Achievement Award – Initiative to learn new skills (September, 1989).


·         C++/Object Oriented Programming  training curriculum through AT&T Bell Laboratories.

·         George Washington University - Unix/C Certificate.

·         George Washington University, Colorado University, Major: Anthropology/Social Psychology.